PT Geobisnis Prima Solusi was founded in 2021 based on the same vision and spirit of collaboration among the founders. With the long professional experience of each founder along with the solidity that has been built up through years of friendship, PT Geobisnis Prima Solusi is here to provide excellent solutions to answer problems and challenges in the field of geospatial survey and planning.

Supported by a team of experienced experts with multi-disciplinary backgrounds, PT GPS provides services that include UAV photogrammetry, satellite imagery, surveying, urban and regional planning, and GIS.






Commissioner : TatangSuheri, ST., MT.
Technical Advisors : 1. Dr. Ir. Agung Budi Harto, MSc.
2. Ir. Prasetyo Effendi, M.Arch, M.AUD.
Legal Advisor : Hendra Kesuma, SH.


Director : Fanani Hendy Khusuma, ST., MT., MBA.
Head of Project Dept. : Fas Hendra, ST., MT.
Head of AdministrationDept. : Gaffar Mohammad Jahid, SE., MM.
Head of HSE Dept. : Ir. Ahmad Sarbini